AWE Superstar CM Punk makes a shocking comeback in WWE during Survivor Series

In the Survivor Series 2023, wrestling superstar CM Punk made his comeback to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after nine years in front of his home crowd in Chicago

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CM Punk (Source: Twitter)

In the Survivor Series 2023, wrestling superstar CM Punk made his comeback to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after nine years. Punk made an appearance at the last moments of the show in front of his home crowd in Chicago. The show seemed to be concluding after the men's WarGames main event when the iconic strains of "Cult of Personality" filled the arena, eliciting an ecstatic response from the crowd.


Earlier this year, Punk was terminated from AEW following an alleged backstage incident involving Jack Perry. Since then, speculation has been rife about his potential return to the company he left, particularly with the Survivor Series taking place in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. His homecoming at WWE will surely give his fans an opportunity to witness his iconic performances in the coming days.

However, leading up to the event, various reports downplayed the possibility of his arrival, enhancing the surprise when he did appear. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reported post-show that Punk had a confidential hour-long conversation with Paul Levesque last week. His arrival was deliberately kept a secret from WWE staff reps and the creative team. Levesque personally took charge of directing the show in the final minutes after the copyright stamp, ensuring CM Punk's unexpected return adds an intriguing element to the upcoming "WWE Raw" on Monday.

Will Ryback announce his retirement now?

It's worth noting that earlier superstar Ryback announced that if CM Punk makes a comeback in WWE, he will retire. However, after Punk's jaw-dropping homecoming, Ryback seems to have a change of heart. Ryback, who had a well-documented falling out with the company in 2016, openly expressed his disdain for CM Punk and boldly declared that he would retire from wrestling if Punk ever made a comeback at Survivor Series.

In a surprising turn of events, Punk has indeed made a comeback, prompting anticipation to see if Ryback would stick to his word. However, "The Big Guy" seems to have had a change of heart. In a statement on Twitter, he declared, "I will not be retiring. He had to return to AEW, but that did not happen. Thank you for supporting"

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