WWE not keen to sign CM Punk - Reports

The eralier reports suggetsed that WWE might sign CM Punk. But the latest reports suggest that WWE is not much interested to sign its former superstar CM Punk.

Sarah Andrew
Oct 12, 2023 21:42 IST
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CM Punk

CM Punk (Source: Twitter)

CM Punk has been a controversial wrestler in the entertainment industry. The former WWE Superstar was a big name, when he was in the industry, particularly during the PG era. Even today, the fans remember his feuds with John Cena and The Rock. Probably for the same reason, the fans want their favorite star to be back in the WWE universe. If it can be materialized, it can be on eof the best things to happen for WWE. 


Unfortunately, the possibilities of that happening seem to be bleak. there were rumors that Punk might be signing a contract with WWE following his exit from AEW. The former WWE champion was fired from AEW a few weeks back. Following it, there were reports which claimed a comeback of Punk in WWE. But the latest reports suggest that Punk might not be able to return to WWE. 

Dave Meltzer, one of the keen observers of wrestling, said that WWE is not interested in Punk anymore. "They turned him down...he wanted to go there, and the decision was a no. The claim internally is that WWE is not in conversations with CM Punk about a comeback. There were several in the company that wanted to make that clear for fans expecting to see him at Survivor Series this year," said Meltzer in an interview.

Negatives outweighed the positives - Meltzer

Meltzer said that many fans were intersted in seeing Punk in the survivor series. But the WWE heads are reportedly not keen in signing Punk. Meltzer believed that more people do not want to see Punk back in WWE. The wrestler's observer claimed that the number of people awaiting Punk's reuturn is less than the number of people that do not want him back in the arena. 

"WWE sources are adamant that the two sides are not currently talking. One source noted a previous report about Punk sending feelers to WWE is accurate and believes Punk was waiting to see if they would approach him. Negatives outweighed the positives," added the statement of Meltzer. 

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