Playground Season 2- Power Phoenix fall short in Shadow Fight final against AAA Warewolves on Matchday 22

AAA Warewolves have won the Shadow Fight on Gameday 22 of Playground Season 2. They still sit atop the leaderboard.

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Playground Season 2

Playground Season 2 (Image source: Twitter)

In the highly anticipated Shadow Fight final on Gameday 22 of Playground Season 2, two teams battled it out to claim the championship trophy. Power Phoenix and AAA Warewolves both had their eyes set on victory, but in the end, it was the Warewolves who came out on top with a 3-1 win.


The order of play for the match was straightforward, with four 1v1 matches between different players and one team choice 1v1 match to determine the winner. Despite the pressure and high stakes of the competition, AAA Warewolves remained confident and determined throughout the match.

Upon receiving the trophy, the victorious AAA Warewolves made a statement about their team's philosophy. They called themselves "average" but emphasized that their belief in themselves and their determination to win is what sets them apart. They also addressed the criticism that they only win in games that they are good at, pointing out that even in games like Rocket League, which may not be their strong suit, they still performed well and came out on top.

Vanshaj adjudged the Gamer of the Day yet again


The Charged Gamer of the Day award went to Vanshaj, a member of AAA Warewolves who undoubtedly played a critical role in securing the team's victory. Their excellent skills and ability to perform under pressure were instrumental in helping their team achieve the win.

With this victory, AAA Warewolves now sit comfortably at the top of the Playground Season 2 leaderboard with 245.53 lakh rumbles. The Dare Dragons follow closely behind with 200 lakh rumbles, while Power Phoenix trails in third place with 173.95 lakh rumbles. The Op Unicorns and Ko Krakens round out the top five with 105.53 lakh rumbles and 104.90 lakh rumbles, respectively.

Overall, the Shadow Fight final was an exhilarating event filled with impressive performances and intense competition. AAA Warewolves emerged as the ultimate victors, proving that confidence and determination can go a long way in achieving success. Their philosophy of being "average" but still winning serves as a powerful reminder that it's not always about being the best but rather about having the right mindset and attitude.