Ko Krakens conquer Power Phoenix in CODM match on Gameday 20 of Playground Season 2

Ko Krakens have won just their third match in the 20 Gamedays of Playground Season 2. Despite this win however they stay at bottom.

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Playground Season 2

Playground Season 2 (Image source: Twitter)

On Gameday 20 of Playground Season 2, Ko Krakens and Power Phoenix faced each other in the highly competitive game of CODM. The Ko Krakens emerged victorious, winning the best-of-three match series by taking the first two games. The team consisted of Dhruv, Divyanshu, Tanya, and Sangwan. This win marked their third win of the season, placing them fifth on the leaderboard with 100.12 lakh rumbles.


After the match, Tanya, a member of the Ko Krakens, expressed her joy at the team's victory. She said, "This is our favourite game. We have a lot of wooden spoons but as we said, we will win this trophy, and that is why we have won this." Tanya's comment highlighted the team's determination and their desire to achieve their goals. Despite their setbacks in previous games, they remained focused on their objective and succeeded.

The match's Gamer of the day award was bestowed upon Dhruv Sangwan, a member of the Ko Krakens team. He credited the win to the team's collective efforts, saying, "We could have done better in many games, but only in CODM, we play good as a team. This win is only because of the team effort." Dhruv's comment emphasised the significance of teamwork, and how it is crucial to achieve success.

KO Krakens still at the bottom

The leaderboard currently stands with AAA Warewolves at the top, followed by Dare Dragons and Power Phoenix. Op Unicorns are in fourth place, while Ko Krakens occupy the fifth spot. While the season is still ongoing, the Ko Krakens' victory over the Power Phoenix demonstrated that they are capable of competing with some of the top teams in the league.

In conclusion, the Ko Krakens' win against the Power Phoenix on Gameday 20 of Playground Season 2 showed their resilience, determination, and teamwork. Their victory also highlighted the importance of remaining focused on achieving one's goals, regardless of any setbacks or obstacles. With several more games left to play, the Ko Krakens will undoubtedly look to build on this success and climb higher on the leaderboard.