AAA Warewolves set high bar in Playground Season 2, win Rocket League Final on Gameday 21

AAA Warewolves dominated Gameday 21 in Playground Season 2 as they defeated Ko Krakens in straight set and won the final.

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Playground Season 2

Playground Season 2 (Image source: Twitter)

In the final of Playground Season 2 Gameday 21's Rocket League game, AAA Warewolves came up with a dominating win against Ko Krakens, winning the first three matches of the five-match series. This led to the Warewolves' victory, bringing their total number of trophies won to seven, the highest among all the teams in the league.


What was interesting was the comment made by the Warewolves after their win. They called themselves "average" and mentioned that they did this to apply reverse psychology and also to mock other teams a little. This comment indicates that they are confident in their abilities and also shows a level of sportsmanship, as they do not wish to belittle their opponents. It also highlights the importance of mindset in sports and how self-talk can impact performance.

KO Krakens linger at the bottom

The current leaderboard indicates that the Warewolves are the clear leaders with 229.62 lakh rumbles, followed by Dare Dragons with 196.10 lakh and Power Phoenix with 169.71 lakh. Op Unicorns have only won one trophy, while Ko Krakens have won three. This indicates that the Warewolves have consistently performed well throughout the season, leading to their current position at the top of the leaderboard.

However, it is important to note that the leaderboard is only a snapshot of the current standings and does not reflect the overall performance of each team. The Warewolves' victory in the final against Ko Krakens was just one game, and it is possible for other teams to catch up and overtake them in future matches.

Overall, the Playground Season 2 Gameday 21's Rocket League game was an exciting and intense match, with the Warewolves emerging as the clear victors. Their comment about calling themselves "average" highlights the importance of mindset in sports, while the current leaderboard indicates their consistent performance throughout the season. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out and if any other teams can challenge the Warewolves' current position at the top of the leaderboard.