Playground Season 2: Joe shines as Op Unicorns defeat Power Phoenix in high-stakes Dakar game

Op Unicorns won their first ever Gameday in the Playground Season 2 as they defeated Power Phoenix in Dakar Game.

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The highly anticipated final of the Dakar game on Gameday 12 was between Op Unicorns and Power Phoenix, with the former emerging as the winners. The trio of Joseph, Parth and Adarsh from Op Unicorns dominated the game, with a final score of 113:97 against Power Phoenix. This was a historic moment for Op Unicorns, as they secured their first-ever win in the Playground Season 2.


The Op Unicorns’ captain Eupho was ecstatic in his post-match interview and expressed his gratitude to the team for their contribution. He mentioned that this win was a stepping stone for the team and that they would build on it. The captain also highlighted the contributions of Joseph, who played a fantastic game, and Parth, who advised the team on the strategy.

The team’s mentor and scout also added their thoughts in the post-match interviews, emphasizing the importance of playing with a smile on their face. They said that this positive attitude would lead to more wins in the future and that they would be there to shield the team from all the hate.

Joe from Op Unicorns was also awarded the Gamer of the Day award, and his performance was a testament to his skills and dedication. The entire team celebrated their win, and it was evident that they had worked hard and put in a lot of effort to secure this victory.


Dare Dragons still hold the pinnacle

In the current leaderboard, Dare Dragons lead with 99.38 lakh rumbles, followed by Power Phoenix with 87.44 lakh rumbles, and AAA Warewolves with 87.37 lakh rumbles. Op Unicorns, who were previously in the fourth position, have now moved up to 40.86 lakh rumbles, while Ko Krakens are in the last position with 24.25 lakh rumbles.

In conclusion, the final between Op Unicorns and Power Phoenix was a nail-biting affair, and the triumph of Op Unicorns is a testament to their skills and teamwork. The team is now looking forward to building on this win and achieving greater heights in the future. The leaderboard is closely contested, and it would be interesting to see which team emerges as the champions in the end.