Playground Season 2: Dare Dragons win Rocket League finale in thrilling Gameday 8 showdown against Op Unicorns

The season has been very competitive so far.

Playground Season 2
Playground Season 2 (Image source: Twitter)

The Dare Dragons and Op Unicorns faced off in the highly anticipated final of Rocket League in Game Day 8 of the Playground season 2. The three-match series was full of excitement, with both teams giving it their all on the field.

In the first match, Dare Dragons took the lead, with Jay Khatri scoring two goals and Ayan Ali scoring one. Despite the Unicorns’ efforts, the Dragons secured a 3-1 victory in the first match.

However, the Unicorns did not give up and made a strong comeback in the second match, winning 1-0 with a goal from Parth in the first 30 seconds of the game. They held on to their lead and emerged victorious, levelling the series 1-1.

The third match was a decider for the finale and it was a nail-biting experience for the fans. The Dragons took the lead with a goal, but the Unicorns equalized just two minutes later. Toasty then scored the second goal for the Dragons, giving them a 2-1 lead. But with just 40 seconds left, the Unicorns equalized once again, making the score 2-2. With just six seconds left, Rebel scored for the Dragons, taking the game to 3-2. The Dragons defended well after that and won the match, securing their victory in the Rocket League finale.

Jay Khatri wins Gamer of the Day

Jay Khatri was chosen as the Gamer of the Day, and he was over the moon with his team’s performance. He praised the team’s on-the-go strategy, which was working well, and revealed that the team had been communicating in Punjabi. He also expressed his excitement at being chosen as the Gamer of the Day and thanked his fans for their support.

The Dare Dragons were crowned the winners of the Rocket League in Gameweek 8 of the Playground season 2, and the final was a testament to the team’s hard work and determination. Both teams put on a fantastic show for the fans, and it was a fitting end to an exciting season. The gamers, as well as the fans, will be looking forward to the next season and more thrilling matches.

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