AAA Warewolves and Vanshaj lead the way in thrilling Gameday 9 of Playground Season 2, Win ‘Just Die Already’ game

Warewolves won 2 of 3 Just Die Already match.

Playground Season 2
Playground Season 2 (Image source: Twitter)

The Playground Season 2 has been quite successful so far with the show raking in terrific views on streaming platforms as well as social media. Game day 9 saw the teams compete in the game ‘Just die already’.

AAA Warewolves and KO Krakens managed to steer clear of the other teams and get to the final on Gameday 9 of Playground Season 2. The final match of the Just Die Already tournament was a nail-biting affair between the AAA Warewolves and the KO Krakens. The Warewolves, who had dominated the competition so far, managed to secure their victory by winning two of the three games in the final. The first match saw the Warewolves win 3-0, and the second match was an even closer affair, with the Warewolves winning 4-3 after being down 1-3 at one point.

The player of the day was undoubtedly Vansaj of the AAA Warewolves, who was instrumental in securing the team’s victory. In his post-match interview, Vansaj talked about how they were constantly picking up weapons that spawned randomly and throwing them off so that new and better weapons could spawn in their place. This strategy proved to be extremely effective, and the Warewolves were able to maintain their lead throughout the match.

Playground Season 2 Team leaderboard as of Gameday 9:  

Dare Dragons– 73.37 Lakhs rumbles

AAA Warewolves– 68.06 Rumbles

Power Phoenix– 60.75 Lakh

Op Unicorns– 27.17 lakh

Ko Krakens– 19.68 lakh

The player leaderboards remains unchanged

In the player leaderboard, Jay topped the chart with 30.11 lakh rumbles, followed by Adit with 24.22 lakh rumbles, Ayan Ali with 23.59 lakh rumbles, Kamal with 22.20 lakh rumbles, and Kyle with 20.29 lakh rumbles. Vanshaj, who was the player of the day, was ranked 6th with 20.27 lakh rumbles, followed by Anirudh with 14.555 lakh rumbles, Joseph with 11.94 lakh rumbles, Rain with 11.03 lakh rumbles, and Harshit with 10.89 lakh rumbles.

The gaming leaderboard saw Ayan Ali at the top with 495 points, followed by Adit Minocha with 470 points, Vanshaj Singh with 435 points, Jay Khatri with 435 points, Kamal Kumar with 410 points, Kyle Fuller with 275 points, Harshit Kashyap with 270 points, Tanya Palta with 265 points, and Sangwan with 250 points.

Overall, the Just Die Already tournament was a thrilling experience for all the players and fans, with many ups and downs, and an exciting conclusion. The Warewolves proved to be the best team in the competition, and Vansaj proved to be a standout player who was instrumental in securing their victory. The leaderboards show that there is a lot of talent in the gaming community, and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top in the next tournament.

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