WWE RAW: Here's why Brock Lesnar attacked his tag team partner Cody Rhodes after WrestleMania

Brock Lesnar attacked his tag team partner Cody Rhodes in WWE RAW. Here's the full story of the confusing betrayal that shocked everyone.

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Brock Lesnar attacks Cody Rhodes

Brock Lesnar attacks Cody Rhodes (Source: Twitter)

Surprises for WWE Raw After WrestleMania have the fans thrilled. They did not anticipate something so bad that it scared viewers away from Monday Night Raw. Brock Lesnar made a heel turn on the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw by betraying Cody Rhodes before their bout against Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa. The Beast delivered numerous F-5s to the American Nightmare, shocking everyone present.


Unexpectedly, WWE fans are still perplexed at Brock Lesnar's decision to flip on Cody Rhodes. Fans are perplexed by Monday Night Raw's surprising conclusion and are looking for explanations for Brock Lesnar's heel turn.

Brock Lesnar supported Cody Rhodes against Roman Reigns in a potential match-up on the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw. But, the Beast Incarnate performed the unthinkable and turned heel when it came time to compete inside the squared ring.

Brock Lesnar's F-5 on Cody Rhodes shocked everyone, including rival Roman Reigns


As soon as the ring announcer introduced Cody Rhodes, Lesnar pounced on the American Nightmare and shocked the crowd and Roman Reigns with an F-5. Afterwards, as Lesnar resumed his devastation, Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa withdrew to the backstage area. Rhodes was thrown onto the ringside, slammed into the timekeeper's section, and finally struck with a steel chair by the former Universal Champion.

The Beast Incarnate used another F-5 to attack the announcer's desk. Yet he wasn't content with it. He hauled up Cody Rhodes again and used steel stairs to re-enter the ring. The American Nightmare was helpless when Lesnar pulled up Cody Rhodes for another F-5 on the steel chair in a fit of rage. Cody Rhodes' unconsciousness and the confusion among the audience caused WWE Raw to end in shambles.

Everyone was shocked to see Brock Lesnar decimate their beloved superstar in the ring. WWE fans conjectured that Triple H was responsible for all the creative alterations made after Cody Rhodes' defeat by Roman Reigns and before Brock Lesnar's assault. This has caused supporters to speculate that AEW will give them heat.

Lesnar made a nasty remark about Cody Rhodes breaking the throne during the attack. This finally alludes to the 2019 AEW show, where the former AEW star dethroned Triple H.

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