Triple H still in contention to bring big superstar for mega Wrestlemania event

With Wrestlemania 39 just a few days away, Triple H has started to come up with plans for Bobby Lashley's opponent for the event

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Triple H and Lashley

Triple H and Lashley (Image Source: Twitter)

According to a report from Givemesport, the fans have learnt that Triple H will add Bobby Lashley to the WWE WrestleMania 39 lineup even if Bray Wyatt is unable to attend the mega event.


What plans does WWE CEO Triple H have in mind for Bobby Lashley if Bray Wyatt is not fit for Wrestlemania?

The good news for Lashley's supporters is that WrestleVotes confirmed in an exclusive conversation with GiveMeSport that the former champion of the WWE is still anticipated to appear on the show the following weekend.

This occurs as Bray, who was supposed to be Lashley's opponent on the program, hasn't appeared on television since February 16 and appears to be skipping WrestleMania next weekend. Lashley vs. Wyatt had been WWE's planned match for WrestleMania since February, but those plans have been called into question by claims that Bray is reportedly battling with an illness.


Bray Wyatt against Bobby Lashley hasn't been confirmed as of this writing, but with WrestleMania only nine days away, the fact that it hasn't happened isn't a good indication. Usually, fans get an indication regarding the match-up a few weeks before the mega event.

In addition, WrestleVotes informed that LA Knight, who is additionally without an opponent for WrestleMania, is believed to be included in WWE's strategies for Lashley if Wyatt is unavailable to attend the event. Therefore, it appears that LA Knight and Lashley will share the spotlight at WWE's biggest event of the year if Bray is unable to attend WrestleMania. 

It's also important to note that, as of this writing, it is unknown whether Lashley and Knight are going to engage in a match on the show or whether they will instead appear in a segment alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Fans will be happy to hear that Lashley and Knight, two of WWE's most well-known talents, will still be featured at the biggest show of the year that is WrestleMania which is scheduled for April 1 and 2.

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