WWE: 5 reasons why LA Knight should face Stone Cold Steve Austin in WrestleMania 39

WrestleMania 39 is scheduled for April 1 and 2 in Hollywood

LA Knight may face Steve Austin in Wrestlemania
LA Knight may face Steve Austin in Wrestlemania (Source: Twitter)

When LA teased a WrestleMania fight, several fans recommended Austin vs Knight as the proposed battle on social media. This shows that fans appreciate the notion of Austin vs Knight. It’s possible that not all WWE Universe participants have yet been convinced of the necessity of the match.

There are several compelling reasons why LA Knight would be a perfect fit for Steve Austin and why a match between the two at WrestleMania 39 is plausible. This covers their respective fame, Knight’s wrestling technique, and more.

Here are five reasons Stone Cold Steve Austin and LA Knight should square off at WWE WrestleMania 39.

5. LA Knight is looking for a big push in WWE

5 reasons why LA Knight should face Stone Cold Steve Austin at WWE WrestleMania 39
LA Knight (Source: Twitter)

LA Knight had trouble as soon as he hit WWE he main roster. He was no longer the arrogant character that the audience liked and adored; instead, he worked as a manager for Mace & Mansoor. Knight, who Max Dupri currently employs, introduced the Maximum Male Models.

Fortunately, his tenure as an agent for the Maximum Male Models was brief, and he is now independent. Even for the former IMPACT World Champion, things are improving. The Megastar will reportedly get a strong push this year, and Triple H is reportedly a fan of his.

What better way to showcase Knight as a top star than to mix it up with Stone Cold Steve Austin if he really is about to get a huge push? The Texan Rattlesnake is perhaps the biggest star of all time. Thus their confrontation will demonstrate just how effective LA’s campaign is.

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