Four Ways Bray Wyatt could terrify fans at WrestleMania 39

Former WWE Champion has been away from the rings for almost a month

Bray Wyatt Wrestlemania
Bray Wyatt Wrestlemania (Image source: Twitter)

It’s been almost a month since Bray Wyatt has been sidelined from WWE. Now it has become clear that his match with Bobby Lashley may now have been scrapped. With two weeks left before the show, Lashley can be handed a new opponent.

Wyatt was a part of the company seven months before the wrestling at Royal Rumble. Here are some ways through which he can still be a part of the event.

1. Be in Uncle Howdy’s corner in a match against Lashley

Uncle Howdy has been carrying the quarrel in Wyatt’s absence over the past few weeks. It is likely that Lashley could be forced to take on Howdy in Wrestlemania. Wyatt can be in a good position by Wrestlemania despite struggling with a fever. Through which he can join hands with Howdy in the ring and support him in the battle with Lashley.

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