Top 5 WWE stars with the longest title reigns

Check out the top five WWE Superstar wrestlers to hold the WWE title for the longest period. Just one name from the current era stands out at the top.

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World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the biggest pro wrestling companies in the world. Some of the well-known wrestlers have been with the company at some point in time. 


One of the biggest hallmarks of any Professional wrestler is his ability to sell tickets. For that one has to be the champion and WWE does a very good job of making a performer into a marquee fighter. Holding a championship title is difficult even in the dramatic world of professional wrestling. 

In this article, we take a closer look at the top 5 wrestlers to held the WWE tiles for a long time. 

5- Pedro Morales – For a Total of 1027 days



Considered one of the founding fathers of the current-day WWE, Pedro Morales was a heavyweight champion. Winning the title during the early 1970’s the Puerto Rican fought off some big-name adversaries. From 1971 to 1973 there was no better wrestler than Pedro Morales as he took one win the other. Finally, in early 1973 the title was dropped and his long reign as WWE champion came to an end after 1027 days. 

4- Roman Reigns – For a total of 1280 days and counting 



One of the best wrestlers of the modern era, Roman Reigns has turned a corner after his early days. Under his Tribal Chief gimmick the 38-year-old has seen off some of the best wrestlers try to take away his WWE Championship. The entire story arc with the Bloodline has also created a lot of intrigue. The recent addition of The Rock and his impending battle with Cody Rhodes is set to be a huge match during WWE WrestleMania 40. With nearly 1280 days as the WWE Champion Roman’s Reign has been one of the longest ones. 

3- Hulk Hogan – For a Total of 1474 days 


When Hulk Hogan won the title he ushered in the era of Rock’n’Roll in Wrestling. The WWE Legend held the WWE title for a total of 1474 days. This was one of the biggest title reigns in the history of WWE. During the height of his popularity, Hulk Hogan was a huge global superstar with the ability to deliver the right messages. His ‘Say Your Prayers and Eat Your Vitamins’ struck a chord with the average American youngster making Hulk Hogan a true great. 

2- Bob Backlund – For a total of 2135 days 


In the early days of WWE, Bob Backlund was seen as one of the best technical wrestlers with an amateur background of note. His finisher the double chicken wing cross- face was a genuine punishing move according to Bret Hart. With 2135 days as the WWE champion, Bob Backlund enjoyed the 2nd longest WWE Title reign. 

1- Bruno Sammartino – For a total of 2803 days 


Much before the days of Roman Reigns and Hulk Hogan, it was Bruno Sammartino who put WWE on the map. The WWE Hall of Famer was an excellent wrestler whose pedigree stood out far and wide. Bruno Sammartino held the WWE title for a total of 2803 days which is astonishing. The nearly 8-year run with the title is the best WWE champion reign in the history of professional wrestling. 

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