Top 5 banned Wrestling moves in WWE

Check out the top five moves that are currently banned in the WWE for issues about the safety of the performers and long-term health issues.

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Banned Moves (Source-Twitter)

Pro Wrestling might be scripted but the injuries and risks that come are real. The stunts and actions performed in the ring are very dangerous. The wrestlers performing the move or taking the bumps have to be careful about their opponents. 


Many wrestlers have gotten injured due to various moves performed in the ring. While few have made a return after the injury, there were a few who had to retire for good. Because of the risk and injuries a few moves had to be banned. 

In this article, we take a closer look at the top 5 banned moves in wrestling. 

5- Chair Shots to the skull – 



During the height of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression era, the WWE and WCW saw brutal chair shots. One of the most significant one was when Eddie Guerrero was smacked on his head by JBL with the chair. While the hardcore fans loved the sound of the chair to the skull, the move has been banned. After the death of Chris Benoit, the effects of CTE came to the fore. This is one of the biggest reasons that Chair shots to the skull has been banned in the WWE.  

4- Diving head butt – 



A move founded by Harley Race and perfected by Dynamite Kid, Chris Benoit, and Bryan Danielson, the Diving Head Butt is injury prone. The constant pressure on the neck as well as the spine has made this move very dangerous. Currently, this move is rarely used and is a banned move in the WWE and it is considered a banned move to execute. 

3- Shooting Star Press – 


Brock Lesnar nearly had his career curtailed when he wanted to perform the shooting star press move. The former WWE Champion landed short of his opponent Kurt Angle and was severely injured for a few months. A few more wrestlers have gotten injured performing the high-risk move. 

2- Sitdown version of Piledriver 


Owen Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s 1997 SummerSlam match ended in painful circumstances. The future WWE Hall of Famer was injured after Owen Hart performed the Sitdown version of the piledriver. The move can severely cripple a wrestler if it isn’t performed well as the first impact is on the neck. 

1- The burning hammer – 


This is a move that is hardly seen these days because of the ferocity and the risk that comes with it. The Burning Hammer is a move that was made famous in the Japanese Wrestling circuit. In this, the wrestler puts his opponent on his shoulder like a fireman’s carry. This is followed by the opponent being thrown to the ground with his neck and back taking the impact.