Roman Reigns to mould next ‘Tribal Chief’? Paul Heyman opens up on WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Check out who can be the next 'Tribal Chief' as Roman Reigns himself will mould him in coming days as per Paul Heyman on WWE SmackDown

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WWE SmackDown (Image Source: Twitter)

This week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, all eyes were on Jey Uso as he was about to pick either the Bloodline or his twin brother, Jimmy Uso. But, Paul Heyman came up and opened up about the next ‘Tribal Chief’. Heyman kicked off the show with Solo Sikoa. Then, Jey Uso came and joined the others.


However, Heyman blamed Jimmy for everything that has happened so far and then, shared the role of Roman Reigns in moulding the next ‘Tribal Chief.’ He claimed that Roman has plans to make Jey Uso the next ‘Tribal Chief.’ So, Heyman announced that a match for the United States Championship had been organised between Jey and current champion, Austin Theory. 

Jey Uso can become the next ‘Tribal Chief’

If Jey manages a victory, then he can be the next ‘Tribal Chief’ someday. Listening to that, Jey accepted the challenge and after a handshake with Heyman, he left the ring. Speaking of the match, Jey Uso began the match positively and came up with a neck breaker. Then, Theory made a comeback and gave a spinning slam. After that, Jey regained his momentum and delivered a frog splash. Meanwhile, Pretty Deadly interfered and Jinny came up to save. Pretty Deadly are the new friends of Theory.  


But, Solo Sikoa attacked him. Then, he was about to go for a Samoan Spike but it was Jey who stopped him. But, in the meantime, Jimmy accidentally superkicked Jey and Austin Theory took the advantage. He covered Jey and sealed the victory. Thus, Austin Theory remained the United States Champion. After that, Jey was not happy and looked frustrated. Thus, he left the ring without making any decision. Roman Reigns is set to return on SmackDown on 16 June and it seemed that Jey will deliver his final decision on the same day. However, as per fans, Jimmy Uso cost Jey the US Championship against Theory. But, it will be interesting to see where Jey’s loyalty finally gets settled.

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