'I think it would be epic to be Champion vs. Champion' - Former WWE Champion Baron Corbin believes he'd love to fight Roman Reigns in future

WWE former Champion Baron Corbin reveals that he wants to clash with Roman Reigns in the upcoming WWE events.

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Baron Corbin and Roman Reigns (Source - Twitter)

Baron Corbin and Roman Reigns (Source - Twitter)

Former WWE champion Baron Corbin has been a member of the WWE system for ten years but he has only been a part of the main roster for seven of those years. He has gone from being a quiet badass to a high-rolling egotist at that time due to a number of factors. Along the way, he also held the titles of WWE King of the Ring, constable, and was filthy destitute.


Meanwhile, Corbin recently discussed the development of his persona and the course he hopes to see it go in the near future. Corbin used to be known as the 'Lone Wolf' and now he wants to be back to his old gimmick, which was liked by the fans a lot when he won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in Wrestlemania 32.

"Lone Wolf, that was my attitude. Rock and roll, I rode a motorcycle, I'm tattooed, I live that lifestyle. That was a very natural role for me. Then, stepping into the 'Constable' role, it was a big-time change. I had to go from a guy who's known for just being athletic and wrestling, and I had to really master the promo.

"I had to open Raw with a six-minute monologue by myself. That's hard to do. I had to really learn that, so I loved the 'Constable' phase because it got me extremely comfortable with a microphone in front of the audience to convey emotion, to convey whatever story I'm trying to tell to these people, and put that emotion behind it." Corbin was quoted as saying by


One of my favourite titles in WWE history is that Heavyweight Championship: Baron Corbin

Corbin also expressed his desire to wear the WWE heavyweight champion belt which, was earlier worn by legendary fighters like Batista and Edge. Corbin further added and said that he wants to fight with Roman Reigns in a champion vs champion clash.

"I want a shot at this new title. One of my favourite titles in WWE history is that Heavyweight Championship with the big thing. And I always remember like Batista wearing it, Edge having it, and it was always so cool to me. So, to get one that kinda signifies that would be amazing. Then one day I think it would be epic to be Champion vs. Champion, myself as Heavyweight Champion on RAW and Roman Reigns as Universal Champion and we go to war over the two. It will be amazing," Corbin was quoted as saying by Sportskeeda.