‘My favourite is when…’ - Seth Rollins reveals impact of his ring gear on other WWE superstars

Check out what Seth Rollins has said when he was asked about the impact of his ring gears on other WWE superstars.

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Seth Rollins, WWE Superstar

Seth Rollins, WWE Superstar (Image Source: Twitter)

Seth Rollins is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he has been performing on the RAW brand. Apart from his performance, his recent ring gears have become a topic of conversation among fans and other WWE superstars recently. Each week he comes up with some new and fancy outfit.


That helps him to catch the eyes of the WWE Universe instantly. Recently, while speaking to GQ, Seth ‘Freaking’ Rollins opened up on the impact of his ring gears on other superstars. He said that he has received a lot of compliments but it makes every fan more anxious to see what he is going to pull up next.

Seth Rollins uses the same stylist as his wife, Becky Lynch

He said: "I do know, at least to my face, I get a lot of compliments. Who knows what everybody's saying behind my back, but people seem to dig it. My favourite is when I show up in a slightly more subdued outfit, and some of the guys will be like, 'Dang, dog! I'd rock that in real life, man! That's a nice fit right there.' They don't expect it." The WWE World Heavyweight champion uses the same stylist as Becky Lynch, Troi Anthoni. Every week, Rollins have managed to wear the most over-the-top outfits from bright red shoes to crazy shirts.

"So there've been a lot of questions, but like I said, I don't think anybody's ... They don't want to take a chance, you know? I'm in the deep water already," he said. "They'd have to jump right in and it'd be a tough swim. It's an interesting vibe backstage, but I think everybody — just like the audience — is mostly just anxious to see what I'm going to pull up in next," Seth Rollins concluded. Meanwhile, Rollins managed to retain his championship after defeating Finn Balor in the WWE SummerSlam. Despite some interference from The Judgment Day ringside, he managed to win the fight.

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