Angry Rhea Ripley talks about the only person who can simmer her down in WWE circles

Rhea Ripley the mercurial character has said who could get her to cool down if things get rough while wrestling in WWE.

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Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley (Source: Twitter)

Rhea Ripley a renowned name in the WWE circle talked about the only person who can tone her down when she is angry. She said that person is none other than Dominik Mysterio. Ripley is currently involved in a bitter fight with rival Raquel Rodriguez after Ripley attacked her alongside her teammate Liv Morgan.


In response, Raquel has been gunning for revenge since then. When she cleverly attacked Ripley on the latest RAW episode, it came much to the ire of Miami. When the show took place Mysterio talked tender words to Ripley and tried to control her temper after she got very furious after she was attacked by Raquel.

Post the show, Sportskeeda Wrestling put a picture on Twitter featuring WWE RAW where Mysterio was trying to get Ripley to ease up. "The only person that can calm Mami down rn, "Sportskeeda Wrestling said on Twitter. The post was seen by the Eradicator and she said "Only one," Ripley wrote on Twitter.

I am not going to say what but he teaches me a lot - Rhea Ripley


Recently in an interview with This Is Awesome, Rhea Ripley was quizzed whether Dominik Mysterio has imbibed her with something in terms of values.   To which She replied saying that Dom teaches her a lot of things. But she kept her cards close to her chest and gave away nothing. "He teaches me a lot of things. I'm not gonna say what, but he teaches me a lot,"  Ripley said.

Ripley and Dominik has got on like a house on fire in WWE. Ripley has always been there for Dominik. She has also used her heroics to help him retain his North American Championship many times now.

Fans find their romance on-screen a big hit and do not want anything to happen that could lead to their break up in the near future. On the other hand, Judgment Day does not seem hunky-dory at the moment, as feathers are being ruffled between two heavyweights in Finn Balor and Damian Priest.

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