'Hated him since that moment' - WWE Superstar reveals her reasons for hating Dominik Mysterio

WWE Superstar talked about Dominik Mysterio, Mandy Rose and more in her latest interview. Click on this to read more.

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Dominik Mysterio, WWE

Dominik Mysterio, WWE (Source: Twitter)

WWE NXT star Roxanne Perez revealed her reasons for hating Rey Mysterio’s son Dominik Mysterio. "I mean, he turned on his dad, come on. I have hated him since that moment. I was done," said Roxanne Perez in an interview with Sportskeeda. Back in 2022’s clash of castles, Dominik turned against his father Rey and joined forces with The Judgement Day. He became a despicable character within weeks of the happening.


Dominik has been successful in his new role. He recently won the NXT North American Title. However, he has not won over a lot of people with his skills in the ring and Roxanne Perez is certainly one of them. Up next, Dominik Mysterio will be putting his title on the line in a bout against Mustafa Ali and Wes Lee at the Great American Bash on Sunday Night.

In an interview with WWE Deutschland, Ali spoke about the upcoming without mincing his words. "I'm going to do what I've to do to get rid of Dirty Dumb Dumb I like to call him. Is there anything original about this guy? He steals catchphrases, he steals moves, and he even stole the ugly mullet that he has like there is nothing original about this guy," said Mustafa Ali.

Roxanne Perez also talked about her working days with Mandy Rose

In the same interview, Roxanne Perez recalled her working days with Mandy Rose and called her one of the most humble people she had ever met. "I had my first match with her. She was so sweet. She's like one of the sweetest, most humble people you'll ever meet, and yeah, she definitely inspired me in her own ways," said Roxanne Perez.

However, Mandy Rose is not too sure about returning to WWE. She recently made a statement explaining her current situation. “I don't know if 'retires' is the right word, but I'm not doing it right now. I don't know about the future. Pretty busy right now, doing a lot of things and all is well, so," she said.  Talking of Perez, she will next be in action in the NXT: The Great American Bash on July 30.

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