5 Superstars Who Openly Admitted that they are not Happy with WWE

WWE superstars have always looked to entertain their fans over the years.

Becky Lynch 

Becky Lynch 
Becky Lynch (Image Source: Twitter)

In 2018, Becky Lynch shared her disappointment with the WWE in a chat with Inside The Ropes as she was not happy with how the company was booking her on SmackDown. She said: “When I was drafted to SmackDown, I wanted to make sure that it was the Women’s division to watch, and it became that.”

“And then, for some reason, I was sidelined for a long time, and I was just frustrated, because I knew that I had done everything right, I knew that every match that I had gone into, I had given a 120%,” she added. Becky Lynch also claimed that despite training hard, she was not getting the opportunities to get back on top at that time.

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