Who is Sajeevan Sajana? From a humble background in Kerala to winning a thrilling match for Mumbai Indians in WPL 2024 opener!

Sajeevan Sajana became the first woman cricketer to hit a first-ball six to win a T20 chase on the final ball.

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Sajeevan Sanjana (Source: X)

Sajeevan Sanjana (Source: X)

Defending champions Mumbai Indians (MUM-W) have started their 2024 campaign on a winning note against Delhi Capitals. However, it was Sajeevan Sanjana's match-winning six off the last ball of the innings that grabbed the spotlight. All hopes were dashed in the Mumbai camp, but debutant Sanjana remained calm to take her team over the line with a record-breaking maximum. 


Needing 12 runs off the last over, Alice Capsey took a wicket on the very first ball. Mumbai skipper Harmanpreet Kaur's boundary in the fourth ball gave her team the upper hand, but Capsey got revenge on the very next ball. Just one ball left, five runs needed, a new batter at the crease, that too a debutant. Did Delhi need any other reason to start their celebrations already?

But Sanjana had some other plans. She didn't have to think much, hitting over the boundary line was the only option. Many might have expected a Super Over, but that delivery was dispatched into the crowd and Mumbai cruised to a thrilling four-wicket victory in the tournament opener.

Watch the video below: 


Who is Sanjana and how has her journey been so far?


Sajeevan Sanjana belongs to the Kurichia community and was born on 4th January 1995 in Mananthavadi, Wayanad, Kerala. She is the second cricketer from the Adivasi tribe to enter the WPL after India and Delhi Capitals player Minnu Mani. Hailing from a humble background, Sanjana took cricket only seriously when she was 17.

The daughter of an autorickshaw driver, Sanjana started her cricket journey with a plastic ball and a bat made of coconut 'madal'. She worked on her skills and managed to excel in the Kerala women’s domestic cricket circuit. She has led an Under-19 team to third place in the Inter-State T20 competition. Notably, she was Women’s Cricketer of the Year for her state in 2015.  

Sanjana's house was damaged in Kerala 2018 floods

Kerala witnessed one of the worst natural calamities in its history in 2018, with massive floods inundating almost the entire state. Sanjana's family was also badly affected and it was at that time that she was selected to represent the India Red team in the Challengers Trophy. She was worried about losing the opportunity. However, a police boat came to their rescue and the first thing she secured was her cricket kit bag. She was able to reach Bangalore for the match but was mentally not fit thinking about the situations at home. 

India and Delhi Capitals star Jemimah Rodrigues, despite losing the match, praised Sanjana for turning all the hardships into success after hitting the winning six.

"The result was not what we hoped for but what a finish by Sajju the debutant! Comes from a humble background, lost almost everything in the Kerala floods, walks in when the team requires 1 ball 5 runs and hits an effortless six! What a story and more over what a player!," Rodrigues tweeted along with sharing a video of Sajana's match-winning six. 

Sajana became the first woman cricketer to hit a first-ball six to win a T20 chase on the final ball. She announced her arrival on the big stage and hopefully, we are going to witness a lot more from this talented girl. 


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