'Jarvo bhai yaha no karo' - Fans react as freak fan Jarvo makes his appearance in Chennai in Indo-Aus ODI World Cup 2023 match

Freak fan Jarvo makes his appearance in Chennai in the India vs Australia ODI World Cup 2023 Cricket match. Virat Kohli asked him to vacate the playing surface.

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Jarvo in IND vs AUS game (Source: Twitter)

Jarvo is known as a freak fan who is infamous for making illegal appearances in the field. In the past, the fan was found in the field in many instances. Particularly in India's tour of England, Jarvo was seen interrupting the match by making his appearance in the field in at least 2 to 3 matches, Jarvo was found in the field.


In the Lord's Test and the Oval Test between India and England in 2021, Jarvo was found on the ground when the two teams were playing. It was highly disgraceful for the fan, as he invaded the security forces to disturb the match. He did not just disturb the match but also wasted the valuable time of the players and the fans. It often forced everyone to regroup. 

There was a huge disruption in the play, which destroyed the momentum of the players. The security personnel had to arrive and run behind Jarvo to make the conditions right for play. Many players were unhappy with the incidents and criticized the security of the stadiums. For a long time, the freak fans had not appeared in the stadiums. But looks like Jarvo has made his comeback. 

Jarvo appears in the India-Australia match in Chennai in ODI World Cup 2023


During the 2023 ODI World Cup match between India and Australia, the naughty fan made his appearance in the middle yet again. Jarvo was caught in the middle disrupting the play. The Indian players found it irritating for his presence on the field. In particular, Virat Kohli asked him to vacate the place, which was causing a halt in the play. 

The security personnel then arrived in the middle and cleared the field to be eligible to play again. For the sake of attention on social media, Jarvo put everyone at risk. But these things are getting repeated whenever India plays big matches. The stadium security needs to be tightened to avoid such circumstances in the future. Even in other Indian matches in the event, Jarvo can disrupt the play with his presence. 

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