'Hawkeye is having a average series' - Former England skipper Michael Vaughan questions DRS technology over Joe Root's dismissal

The ongoing India vs England 2024 Test series witnessed yet another contentious decision as England's Joe Root faced a controversial LBW dismissal.

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Michael Vaughan (Source: Twitter)

The ongoing India vs. England Test series witnessed yet another contentious decision as England's Joe Root faced a controversial LBW dismissal. It came during England’s second innings on day 3 of the fourth Test in Ranchi. In the 17th over, Root was struck on the pad and initially deemed not out by the on-field umpire.


However, India opted for a review, and the ball-tracking system indicated that the ball was pitching in line and hitting the stumps, leading to Root's dismissal for 11. The decision sparked controversy, especially considering the images of the ball tracking. It suggested that more than half of the ball was pitched outside the leg, potentially saving Root.

Former England captain Michael Vaughan expressed his discontent with the technology, labelling it a "shocker.” He also asserted that over half of the ball appeared to have been pitched outside the leg stump. Vaughan took to social media, stating, "The Root dismissal was a shocker for the technology. Over half looked to have pitched outside the leg stump, but it came up red!!!!!! Hawkeye is having an average series. And it's done for England's best player, Root," though he later deleted the post.

Michael Vaughan questions broadcasters!


Vaughan continued his criticism, suggesting that the broadcaster did not show enough replays of Root's dismissal. He questioned the reliability of Hawkeye technology and posted pitching rules associated with it. He said, “I am interested to know why we haven’t seen many replays of the Root dismissal... Surely it’s the main moment of the innings so far, so we should be seeing it a lot more. Asking for a friend #INDvENG”

However, this isn't the first time Hawk-Eye has come under scrutiny in the series. Earlier, England opener Zak Crawley faced controversial decisions in both the second and third Tests. In the second test, Crawley was controversially adjudged out. While in the third Test, confusion arose as the ball was shown to have possibly missed the stumps after the on-field umpire's decision.

Root's contentious dismissal adds fuel to the debate surrounding the accuracy of ball-tracking technology. The controversy further emphasises the ongoing challenges in implementing Decision Review System (DRS) technology consistently and accurately in international cricket.

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