Monte part ways with in-game leader ‘sdy’ for CS2 roster

CS Pro Viktor “⁠sdy⁠” Orudzhev part ways with Monte after a mutual agreement, sdy⁠ now looking for new org as he does not want to miss the current season

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Monte at Blast Paris 2023


In a surprise turn of events, esports organization Monte has announced the departure of Viktor “⁠sdy⁠” Orudzhev for their Counter-Strike Roster. As per the announcement, the decision was made after a mutual agreement.


“Today the legend of Monte is leaving our team, the player with whom we experienced the brightest moments in the history of the organization - Viktor Orudzhev. The contract was not extended by mutual agreement, so he becomes a free agent,” Monte said in an official post.

Fans shocked by sdy’s departure

While not the best team out there, sdy’s entry to Monte certainly elevated the team's performance. Monte has been giving a good challenge to all teams, and many fans would agree the same. He had been consistent in showing up at multiple major tournaments.


Despite that, winning is as much important in esports, and the team struggled to do that. After a disappointing IEM Katowice and PGL Major RMR, everyone had some changes coming.

Several teams made changes to their line-ups, and Monte doing the same was not surprising. However, what’s surprising was sdy’s departure despite having consistence performance.

Sdy has previously played for NaVi as a stand-in. During that time, sdy managed to secure the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022. Early in his career, he played with teams like MAD Lions and Team Spirit.


Future plans

Sdy informed that since his departure from Monte, he already has other offers from teams. Although he is ready to be back in the fight as soon as possible and not miss the current season, nothing is solid yet.

“I’m in discussion with several teams but nothing validated, and I’m open to all discussions to make the right choice,” he said in a statement. Fans are eager to see which team he lands on this time.

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