Astralis and Fnatic handed return ticket from PGL CS2 Major

Stage 1 for the RMR decider brackets concludes with Astralis and Fnatic returning home after shocking losses against young Counter Strike pros

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PGL CS2 Major

In a surprising turn of events, Astralis and Fnatic have now checked out of the PGL CS2 Major after losing opening matches at the RMR Last Chance Qualifiers. Their opponents, 9Pandas and GamerLegion will move forward to Stage 2.


This comes as a major setback for both of the teams. Not only are the teams missing the Major, the defeat also comes from fairly new entries in the Counter-Strike scene.

Fnatic Vs GamerLegion

The first map was played on GamerLegion’s pick on Vertigo, where Fnatic tried to provide a still competition. The game went to overtime, with GamerLegion eventually taking control and securing the match.


After that came Fnatic’s map pick on Ancient. With their previous performance, fans were expecting them to take an easy victory. However, the team performed worse on their own pack pick and lost their last chance.

Astralis Vs 9Pandas

For a team with so much potential, fans did not expect them to fold so easily. Astralis also ended their run for the PGL CS2 Major after back-to-back losses against 9Pandas. The first match on Overpass saw some potential of reaching overtime, however the team couldn’t do it.


The second match was also not great, with Astralis still looking for a strong foothold while the opponents secured rounds. Some say the team are still adapting to the changes to CS2’s mechanics and fewer rounds, however, a loss is a loss.

RMR Decider Stage 2

With Stage 1 concluded, the three winners will now move to the next stage. This will be played as a Single-Elimination gauntlet. 9Pandas had the highest rating in Stage One and has been directly promoted to Stage 2 Round 2.

GamerLegion and Guild Eagles will fight each other in Round 1 with the winner reaching Round 2 to face 9Pandas. The Round 2 winner will conclude the RMR Decider and secure the last spot for PGL Major in the European region.

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