Playground Season 2: AAA Warewolves and Dare Dragons battle it out in epic CSGO Final on Gameday 23

Dare Dragons have won a trophy in the Playground Season 2 yet again after going winless in the last week of gaming.

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PLayground Season 2

PLayground Season 2 (Image source: Twitter)

The excitement was palpable as two of the best teams in the Playground Season 2, AAA Warewolves and Dare Dragons, battled it out in the final of CSGO on Gameday 23. The Dare Dragons boasted a formidable line-up consisting of Jessica, Ayan, Jay, and Chirag. On the other hand, AAA had a strong history with 8 trophies under their belt.


Despite the odds stacked against them, the Dare Dragons put up a valiant fight, ultimately falling short to the AAA Warewolves. However, one player stood out amongst the rest, Ayan Ali, who was awarded the prestigious title of Gamer of the Day. Upon receiving the award, Ayan humbly dedicated it to his teammate, Pingu, stating, "There were some bad days but we wanted to get good days back and it is here now. Now we are ready for the final. I wanted to get support today but these players supported me and this is why I am sharing the award for Pingu."

The victory for AAA Warewolves meant that they have now won their 9th trophy in the CSGO league, solidifying their position as one of the most successful teams in the competition's history. The Dare Dragons, who have now won 6 trophies, can hold their heads high knowing that they gave it their all in the final.

AAA still atop the leaderboard

The current leaderboard of the Playground Season 2 sees AAA Warewolves sitting at the top with 265.21 lakh rumbles, followed by Dare Dragons with 222.06 lakh rumbles. Power Phoenix and Ko Krakens follow in third and fourth place, with 176.84 lakh and 105.08 lakh rumbles respectively. OP Unicorns sit at the bottom of the leaderboard with 105.85 lakh rumbles.

Despite the league being highly competitive, it's heartening to see the players show sportsmanship and camaraderie. Ayan Ali's gesture of dedicating his award to Pingu is a testament to the spirit of teamwork and support that makes CSGO such a thrilling game to watch. The league continues to grow in popularity, and with teams like AAA Warewolves and Dare Dragons constantly pushing the boundaries, it's only a matter of time before we witness even more thrilling moments in the future.