NODWIN BGMI Champions Cup: Everything you need to know about upcoming tournament

Rooter and NODWIN Gaming have recently announced the BGMI Champions Cup, a new BGMI tournament scheduled for 21st June to 2nd July 2023.

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NODWIN BGMI Champions Cup: Everything you need to know about upcoming tournament

After the completion of Skyesports Champions Series BGMI, the Battlegrounds Mobile India action will move towards another big tournament. Popular gaming event organisers Nodwin has partnered with live gaming streaming application Rooter for the BGMI Champions Cup which is set to take place on June 21.


After its re-release on May 29, this will be the second significant third-party event for BGMI. Most of these invited teams have recently participated in events like the Skyesports Champions Series, Villager Domin8r, Nodwin Scrims, and a few others over the last three weeks. While some seasoned teams have been in excellent shape, others have had trouble coordinating and making plays.

Four teams chosen from the Rooter community will be among the 28 invited teams in the tournament. Six daily matches will be played between these teams, which will be split into four groups. To compete for a sizeable prize pool of 27 Lakhs INR, the top 16 teams from the league round will move on to the finals.

Here are the invited teams:

  1. Blind Esports
  2. Team Soul
  3. Team VST
  4. Gods Reign
  5. Reckoning Esports
  6. OR Esports
  7. WSB Gaming
  8. Orangutan Gaming
  9. Team Tamilas
  10. Team Gladiators
  11. Team Xspark
  12. 8Bit
  13. Team Enigma Gaming
  14. 7Sea Esports
  15. GodLike Esports
  16. Medal Esports
  17. Revenant Esports
  18. Global Esports
  19. Hyderabad Hydras
  20. Velocity Gaming
  21. TWOB
  22. Gujrat Tigers
  23. Team Insane
  24. Team Veterans
  25. True Rippers
  26. Team Psyche
  27. Team Avii
  28. Rivalry Esports

There will be four groups made up of the 32 participating teams: A, B, C, and D. There will be six games each day for each club. The top 16 teams will move on to the championship round after an eight-day group stage. The 16 qualified teams will play six matches throughout the course of the final stage, which will last four days.

The top 16 teams will share a reward pool totaling over 27 lakh Indian rupees, which is offered as part of the competition. The first-place team in the competition will receive INR 1,200,000 in cash, while the second-and third-place teams will take home INR 600,000 and INR 300,000, respectively. Here is a full analysis of how the top 16 teams in the competition received their share of the prize money.