Skyesports Champions Series BGMI finals: Blind Esports become champions with dominating performances throughout finals

Blind Esports won the first major tournament Skyesports Champions Seires BGMI after the game got unbanned with a total of 255 points.

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Blind Esports (Source - Twitter)

Blind Esports (Source - Twitter)

The first big Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) tournament after the game got unbanned,  Skyesports Champions Series BGMI has finally come to an end. The tournament took place between June 9 and 18. However, the matches of the final stage were played between June 14 and 18 which were streamed on Skyesports' official YouTube channel and Loco.


Blind Esports were crowned the winner as they produced a dominating performance throughout the tournament and took the whopping amount of INR 12 lakh with 255 total points which included 159 finish points and 96 placement points. The difference between them and the no. 2 positioned team was 45 points which clearly states how consistent and lethal they were in the finals.

Soul Esports finished at the 2nd spot with a total of 210 points which included 132 finish points and 78 placement points. They could’ve given tough competition to Blind Esports but they couldn’t keep the consistency throughout the tournament but they still took INR 6 lakh. Insane Esports finished at the 3rd spot with a total of 207 points which included 116 finish points and 91 placement points.

Another BGMI tournament is on the line

However, the difference between them and Orange Rock (OR) Esports was just 1 point. If OR could’ve picked up one more finish point in the finals, they could’ve ended up as the 2nd runner-up but they finished at the 4th position with a total of 206 points, however, they took 4 chicken dinners with 128 eliminations, and 78 finish points. Interestingly, the top-3 teams took 3 chicken dinners each but still, they managed to finish in the top-3 which was clearly because of their consistency.

Blind Esports got the most number of eliminations and their front-line assaulter Spower won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title with a total no. of 55 finish points and won the prize of INR 25000. The tournament has come to an end but the action will continue as another tournament has already started which is organised by Global Esports and will be streamed live on their YouTube channel on June 18 to 21 from IST 6 pm onwards.

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