Playground Season 2: Gameday 11- Kyle leads Power Phoenix to victory over Dare Dragons in intense CODM battle

Kyle took Power Phoenix to a win in the CODM segment of Gameday 11 of Playground Season 2. The player leaderboard has Jay at top.

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Playground Season 2

Playground Season 2 (Image source: Twitter)

Gameday 11 of Playground Season 2 saw the Power Phoenix come out on top as they defeated the Dare Dragons in a nail-biting CODM game. The Power Phoenix's victory was marked by the presentation of the trophy to Kyle, who had played an instrumental role in securing the win for his team.


The Power Phoenix's triumph was the result of hard work and dedication, as Kyle mentioned in his post-match interview. He spoke of the countless hours of practice he had put in, even facing criticism from his mother. This goes to show the level of commitment required to succeed in the highly competitive world of CODM gaming.

As the current leaderboard stands, the Dare Dragons hold the top spot with 95.81 lakh rumbles, followed closely by the Power Phoenix with 84.94 lakh rumbles. The AAA Warewolves are in third place with 84.16 lakh rumbles, while the Op Unicorns are in fourth place with 34.34 lakh rumbles. The KO Krakens, unfortunately, bring up the rear with 25.05 lakh rumbles.

Player leaderboard remains unchanged


The Player Leaderboard is also filled with some of the most talented players in the CODM gaming community. Jay leads the board with 39.19 lakh rumbles, followed by Ayan with 36.17, Adit with 35.20 and Kamal with 28.81 lakh rumbles. Kyle also makes an appearance on the leaderboard, with 27.83 lakh rumbles. These players are a testament to the skill and tenacity required to succeed in the world of CODM gaming.

Gameday 11 of Playground Season 2 was a showcase of the best in CODM gaming. The Power Phoenix's victory was a result of hard work, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to the sport. The current leaderboard is a testament to the talent and skill that exists within the CODM gaming community. The players and teams will continue to push each other to new heights in the coming days, making for an exciting and thrilling journey ahead.


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