‘Zubaan se thappad padega’ - Fans react to news of Sreesanth set to commentate with Harbhajan Singh in Indian T20 League 2023

Here is how fans have reacted to the news of Sreesanth to do commentary in the Indian T20 League 2023 with the former spinner

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Sreesanth and Harbhajan Singh

Sreesanth and Harbhajan Singh (Image Source: Twitter)

The Indian T20 League 2023 is going to begin on 31 March. For the upcoming edition of the tournament, a star-studded list of commentators has been considered. Along with many big former cricket superstars, Sreesanth will also do commentary also. He even will be seen doing commentary with the former team India spinner, Harbhajan Singh. 


However, both these former players had an unforgettable incident between them during their playing days. Harbhajan slapped Sreesanth during the routine handshake for his comments after Punjab vs Mumbai match in the Indian T20 League 2008. So, hearing the news, fans wtere surprised and shared their views on the social media platform.

“What happened was wrong. I made a mistake.” - Harbhajan Singh on the misbehaviour with Sreesanth

After that incident, the former team India pacer was seen crying on the field. For such actions, the Indian Cricket Board also handed Harbhajan Singh a ban for five ODIs. Meanwhile, Harbhajan Singh apologised for the incident several times to the former team India pacer. In 2022, he also opened up about the same matter during a chat with renowned cricketer presenter Vikram Sathaye and Sreesanth himself on Glance LIVE. The former off-spinner claimed that he would like to correct the mistake he made on the field with such behaviour with Sreesanth.


“What happened was wrong. I made a mistake. Because of me, my teammate had to face embarrassment. I was embarrassed. If I had to correct one mistake, it was how I treated Sreesanth on the field. It should not have happened. When I think about it, I feel there was no need,” Harbhajan Singh said. However, both of them were a crucial part of team India during the World Cup winning campaign in 2011. In 2022, Sreesanth announced his retirement from domestic cricket. While Harbhajan announced his retirement from all forms of cricket in December 2021.    

Here are some funny tweets that have been shared by fans over the news of Sreesanth to do commentary in the tournament with the former spinner:


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