PCB discloses entire timeline of James Faulkner’s fiasco

Faulkner was also banned from PSL

James Faulkner
James Faulkner (Image source: Twitter)

James Faulkner managed to grab the headlines after he decided to pull out of the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL). According to him, the Pakistan Cricket Board as well as Pakistan’s T20 league did not honour his contractual agreements. Thus, this led to a major controversy.

However, Pakistan’s board had recently released a statement, where they have ridiculed his claims. They also announced their decision to ban Faulkner from the league for life due to his inappropriate behaviour during his stay in Pakistan. It is to be noted that the all-rounder has had his fair share of controversies.

In 2014, he had made a remark about West Indies, and said that he “doesn’t like them”. Besides, the Australian was also fined £10,000 for driving under the influence of alcohol during county cricket in England. He had complained about his fee being low during his stint with the Hobart Hurricanes during the Big Bash League 2020-2021.

In the statement issued by the board, they summarized the entire timeline of Faulkner’s payment issue. They also mentioned that he acted in a bad manner during the immigration. Further on, they also stated that his payments, with respect to his contract, is fully up to date. PCB also shared the details of the contract signed and why Faulkner was asked to compensate for the damages.

■In December 2021, Mr James Faulkner’s agent confirmed the offshore United Kingdom bank details to which his fee payments should be transferred. This was noted for action.

■In January 2022, for reasons best known to Mr Faulkner, his agent sent revised banking details of Mr Faulkner’s onshore account in Australia. However, the contracted 70 per cent of Mr Faulkner’s fee payment was transferred to his offshore UK bank account. The receipt of this payment was acknowledged by Mr Faulkner.

■Accordingly, payments due to Mr Faulkner as per his contract are fully up to date.

■The remaining 30 per cent of his contractual payment only becomes due 40 days after the completion of the HBL Pakistan Super League 2022, which now remains a matter to be reviewed in line with his contract.

■In spite of the money being transferred and received in his account, Mr Faulkner continued to insist that a second duplicate payment of the same amount be made to his account in Australia. This meant Mr Faulkner would have been paid twice.

■He further threatened and refused to participate in his side’s match against Multan Sultans on Friday afternoon until his money demands were met.

■The PCB, as a responsible organisation, engaged with Mr Faulkner early Friday afternoon in an attempt to reason with him. Despite his reprehensible and insulting behavior during the conversation, Mr Faulkner was assured that all his grievances would be addressed. He refused to reconsider his decision to take the field in a crucial match for his side, let his team down and demanded that his travel arrangements be immediately made.

■During this time, the PCB was also in constant contact with his agent, who was regretful and apologetic.

■ Prior to his departure on Saturday morning, Mr Faulkner caused deliberate damage to the hotel property and as a result had to pay damages to the hotel management. The PCB later also received reports and complaints from the immigration authorities that Mr Faulkner had acted inappropriately and abusively at the airport.” read their statement.

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