‘Emotional damage’- Twitter applauds Indian Cricket Board for rejecting Pakistan’s advances

Indian Cricket Board has chosen country over cricket one more time

Indian Cricket Board
Indian Cricket Board (Image source: Twitter)

India and Pakistan currently do not play any bilateral cricket series with each other. The decision to not play any further bilateral series with Pakistan came from Indian Cricket Board following political differences between the two countries. 2012/13 season with the last time that Pakistan toured India for a cricket match.

The two cricketing giants only play against each other in multi-team events like the World Cup and the Asia Cup.

Some cricket fans from both countries however show a desire for a special India- Pakistan series from time to time. Pakistan Cricket Board chairman, Ramiz Raza has now come out with a proposal to revive the bilateral series between India and Pakistan. He has also proposed a four-nation series featuring India, Pakistan, England and Australia.

Following Raza’s proposal, the England Cricket Board has reportedly offered to host India and Pakistan series in the UK. The talk regarding the series was held between the Pakistan Cricket Board and England cricket’s depute chairman Martin Darlow during the ongoing T20I series between England and Pakistan.

The Indian Cricket Board however has squashed all questions about the proposed series and laughed off all thoughts of its creation.

The news agency PTI has reported that the Indian Cricket Board has turned down the proposal and said that the government does not give them a go-ahead.

A senior Board official on Tuesday told PTI, “Firstly, ECB spoke to PCB about an Indo-Pak series and that’s a bit weird. In any case, a series against Pakistan is not something that the BCCI will decide but it is the decision of the government. As of now, the stance remains the same. We only play Pakistan at multi-team events.”

The news of the Indian Cricket Board rejecting the England and Pakistan cricket board’s proposal was well received was Indian Cricket fans on Twitter. Many applauded the board for putting country before cricket.

Let’s look at how Twitter reacted to Indian Cricket Board’s decision.


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