'Didi toh ground mein bhi nahi thi lekin sab pata hai' - Fans lash out at England captain Heather Knight who accused team India of 'lying

Accusation from the English captain didn’t go down well with the Indian cricket fans they took no time in hitting back at Heather Knight...

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Heather Knight, England

Sometimes, there are incidents on the cricketing field which ignite a heated debate and discussion for a particular period of time. And later on, these moments leave an exemplary remark for the years to come. A similar incident has happened in the recently-concluded three-match ODI series between Indian women and England women.


The debate in the cricketing fraternity started just after the dismissal of Charlie Dean at the non-striker’s end by the Indian all-rounder Deepti Sharma in a style of ‘Mankading’. This attempt to win the match and scalp the wicket by Deepti has left the former cricketers and experts with divided opinions on Twitter.

Former England cricketers took no time in questioning the run-out and the Indian women's team’s stance towards the spirit of the game. Although, the clarification remark from Deepti Sharma herself put an end to the debate over the Indian team’s intentions.

“We repeatedly warned Charlotte Dean before I eventually decided to run her out at the non-striker’s end,” said Deepti on Monday when she landed in India.


This debate has almost ended but the captain of the England women’s team, Heather Knight who was not playing in this ODI series went on to question the run-out by accusing team India of lying.

Although this accusation from the English captain didn’t go down well with the Indian cricket fans they took no time in hitting back at Knight. They lashed out at the 31-year-old.

Here’re tweets from Heather Knight:

Here’s how Indian cricket fans reacted:

Speaking about the validity of Heather Knight’s statement on the incident, then she was not even there in the 5km radius of the ground when the incident happened. After that, when she went on to call team India liars is just her frustration of defeat and having her word on top in the end over Deepti’s

Although, there might be a clarification from the Indian side as well after the accusations from the English captain.

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