'Agaya Sasurji maidan mein!' - Fans react as Shahid Afridi's 'Shoaib Akhtar took so many injections that...' statement goes viral

Here is how fans have reacted to the statement shared by Shahid Afridi regarding the former Pakistan pacer

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Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Akhtar

Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Akhtar (Image Source: Twitter)

Shoaib Akhtar made headlines recently when he opened up about Shaheen Shah Afridi’s injury during the 20-20 World Cup final against England. Shaheen bowled just 2.1 overs in that final as he hobbled off the field after picking up an injury against England. Regarding that, now, Shahid Afridi came up with a big revelation about the former Pakistan pacer while defending the current pacer.


Shaheen Afridi tied the knot with former skipper Shahid Afridi’s daughter Ansha on 3 February 2023. Regarding the whole matter, Shoaib Akhtar claimed that he would have taken some injections and completed the full quota of overs in that final if he was in the place of Shaheen Shah Afridi. 

“Shoaib Akhtar took so many injections that he can’t walk now!” - Shahid Afridi

While speaking on a chat show on Pakistan's Suno TV, Shoaib Akhtar said: “If was in his place, in those twelve minutes, I could have become a national hero. I would have stood up even if I fell every time I bowled. I would have taken injections and painkillers, to make that leg numb and bowl.” 


“If people would try to stop me saying ‘I will die’, I would have said that I will prefer to die but can’t let the World Cup slip off from our hands. This was the moment one could have become a superstar. If I was there, I would have died for my country. I could get my broken knee fixed but can’t bring that moment back,” Akhtar claimed.

In reply to that, while speaking on the Pakistani channel Samaa TV, Shahid Afridi said: “Shoaib Akhtar took so many injections that he can’t walk now! See, this is Shoaib Akhtar’s class. He can do that. It’s difficult, though. Everyone can’t be Shoaib Akhtar. It’s difficult to play with injury if you take injections and painkillers. Because then, you risk aggravating the injury further. Anyway, let’s leave Shoaib Akhtar alone!”

Here is how fans have reacted to Shahid Afridi for his comments on Shoaib Akhtar:

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