‘Listen, we make fights man’ - Dana White reveals plans for Ian Garry after UFC 292

Check out the future plan that Dana White has claimed for the Irish sensation Ian Garry after his win at UFC 292

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Ian Garry

Ian Garry (Image Source: Twitter)

Ian Garry continued his dream run in the UFC as he defeated Neil Magny in Boston with shear all three rounds at UFC 292. Now, after that victory, the president of the UFC, Dana White revealed plans for the Irish star and also claimed that Stephen Thompson has already declined a possible match up with him.


During the UFC 292 post-fight presser, he said: “Very very good win for him. He didn’t train for Magny… but he looked damn good. Wonderboy turned the fight down tonight. Listen, we make fights man. That’s what we do.” White also said that he wants Garry to go to Dublin but next, he will visit Madison Square Graden.

“I will prove to you I'm the new generation of striker in the world." - Ian Garry

He said: “I do want Ian to go to Dublin, just not next. Madison Square Garden, that’s where he goes next. There’s a blueprint for this shit, and we got it.” Meanwhile, Garry called out Thompson during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. 

He said: "I need to prove myself as the best striker that this division has ever seen. And Joe, I think you can guess where I'm going here. To be the best striker in the world, you need to beat the best strikers, and everybody has Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson on that list. So give me Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson, whenever, where ever, for five rounds, and I will prove to you I'm the new generation of striker in the world."

Meanwhile, Stephen Thompson was left unhappy as his fight with Michel Pereira did not take place. Thompson believed to be compensated for the battle he prepared for at UFC 291. Regarding that, while speaking to reporters at the Contender Series Season 7, Dana White said: “How that works is that guys don’t just get paid to not fight. That’s not how that works. Guys have been paid. We’ve taken care of guys. Listen, if you come in, and you’re making short money, we take care of you. If you come in and you don’t fight – first of all, you decided not to fight.”

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