‘There’s just so many…’ - UFC President Dana White shares his opinion on 5 greatest UFC fighters of all time

Here is what UFC President Dana White said in a recent interview when he was asked about the 5 greatest UFC fighters of all time

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UFC President Dana White

UFC President Dana White (Image Source: Twitter)

Over the years, top fighters have managed to pull off great fights in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Now, in a recent interview, UFC president Dana White shares his opinion on the five greatest UFC fighters of all time. However, he took some names that left fans surprised.


White said: “It’s so hard to do because when you look at the 23 years that I’ve been in it, there’s been so many great fighters. But you gotta start with Jon Jones. You gotta have Ronda Rousey, know what I mean? You gotta have Amanda Nunes, greatest female fighter of all time. There’s just so many, it’s hard to pick five.” 

“If you look at the different generations, they took the sport to another level.” - Dana White

He further added: “Kamaru Usman has got to be in there, Chuck Liddell in his time, Royce in his era and in his time, it’s hard to just pick five. If you look at the different generations, they took the sport to another level. Matt Hughes would have to make the list. There’s so many people, it’s tough to pick.” Meanwhile, he also opened up recently regarding the loss of Nate Diaz against Jake Paul in a boxing match. White claimed that despite the loss, Diaz looked good and happy.

At the UFC Apex, he said: “For a kid pushing 40 years old fighting a guy four weight classes bigger than him in boxing and two in MMA and going the distance at his age against a 20-f*cking-something-year-old kid, so far, he’s fared the best. He looked good. I’m happy for him.”

Regarding Diaz’s possibility of making a comeback at UFC, he said: “We feel the same way about Nate. We always have. I always joke around about dealing with the Diaz Brothers. These two, you see it now. They’re two iconic fighters that 20 years from now everybody will remember and talk about. This will always be Nate’s house. Nate grew up here. He came up on ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ He fought some of the biggest fights ever here. We love the kid. I don’t know about fighting in the future, but this is always going to be his house. We’ll see.”

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