Neeraj Chopra reveals his complete diet plan and his favourite cheat meal

Neeraj Chopra missed the Commonwealth Games 2022 due to injury

Neeraj Chopra
Neeraj Chopra (Image Credit: Twitter)

A proper diet is an utmost necessity for an athlete to perform well on the field. And Neeraj Chopra is no different in that aspect. He said that his days start with juice or coconut water. The 2021 Tokyo Olympics Gold Medalist further revealed that he eats three to four egg whites, two pieces of bread, a bowl of Dalia, and fruits for breakfast.

“I start my day with juice or coconut water. For breakfast I have three-four egg whites, two pieces of bread, a bowl of Dalia, and fruits,” Neeraj Chopra says.

He added that he prefers eating fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

“I try to eat fruits and vegetables as much as possible,” he stated.

The Indian Army Subedar has said that the Salmon fish must be good for you while revealing that he has started eating it.

“It’s supposed to be good for you. I’ve started eating it recently. If I have to eat non-vegetarian food, I’ll prefer having some grilled salmon,” he told ESPN.

The 23-year-old further added that there is no harm in eating golgappas as it is mostly water. He also pointed out that flour is minimal in that.

“I think there is no harm in eating golgappas. It’s mostly water and most of your stomach gets filled with water. The papri is quite big but the amount of flour is very little. It’s mostly water that’s going inside of you. There is some amount of spice but that’s another matter,” Neeraj Chopra says.

Chopra will be looking to make a comeback to competitive athletics after sustaining an injury in the World Athletics Championship. Because of this, he missed out on the Commonwealth Games 2022.

He was one of the Gold medal contenders for the Indian contingent in the Javelin Throw event. Notably, in the event, Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem won the highest award. Nadeem was also one of the finalist who contested for the medals in the Olympics last year.

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