WWE WrestleMania 39: Superstar wrestler drops major retirement update ahead of Hollywood event

WrestleMania 39 keeps adding to the spice before the event. This time Rey Mysterio comes up with an retirement update.

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Rey Mysterio drops retirement update

Rey Mysterio drops retirement update (Source: Twitter)

This Sunday at WWE WrestleMania 39 in Inglewood (Los Angeles), California, Rey Mysterio will face off against his son Dominik Mysterio inside SoFi Stadium. Since Dominik turned on his father and allied himself with The Judgement Day faction at the Clash at the Castle pay-per-view in September of last year, the former WWE Champion and legendary figure in lucha libre have been attempting to avoid a showdown with the boy.


He even made the switch from the Raw to the SmackDown roster, but Dom persisted in pursuing him and trying to provoke a fight with him at every opportunity. Rey didn't start hitting his son until Dom began making fun of his father, at which point he accepted Dom's challenge for a WrestleMania match.

‘50 was the number that I said’ – Rey Mysterio

How long Rey Mysterio plans to continue wrestling before retiring has become a major concern in recent years. Mysterio made it obvious in interviews this week that he expects to retire at the age of 50, even though he doesn't intend to hang up his boots after his match with Dom. He is now 48 years old.

"I've always had this number in mind, and it just kept getting higher and higher every single time just because how great my body has been feeling and overall, how since my schedule slimmed down, I feel like this energetic person that loves to go in there and perform on a once-a-week basis. Just brings out a different type of energy," Rey Mysterio told Fox 5 DC.

"But, I had 5-0, 50 was the number that I said I was... I cannot, and I don't think I will go past it. But to be able to be inducted and given such a prestigious honour of being part of the WWE Hall of Fame, it's like the ultimate in your career. You always think that, hoping that one day when you retire, that offer is presented to you, but here it is, you know? I'm in somewhat of the peak of my career maybe because I still feel great, I feel like I can compete on the level of other superstars, but overall, it's just a dream come true," he added.

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