Saraya shares Triple H’s reaction over non-renewal of her WWE contract

Check out how Triple H reacted when he found out that Saraya's WWE contract was not renewed in 2022 after spending 11 long years

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Triple H and Saraya in WWE

Triple H and Saraya in WWE (Image Source: Twitter)

In July 2022, Saraya (known as Paige in WWE) bid goodbye to the WWE universe after spending 11 long years. The company informed her that her contract would not be renewed. However, she was the only superstar to win both the Divas and NXT Women's Championships simultaneously. 


In 2017, she sustained a career-threatening neck injury and after that, Saraya continued to make appearances on WWE in different activities as a General Manager on SmackDown. After WWE, she made a comeback in wrestling in AEW and now, in an interview with Inside The Ropes, she revealed the reaction Triple H had over the non-renewal of her WWE contract.

Saraya was a two-time and the youngest WWE Divas Champion

She said: “Then a month down the line, Vince and Johnny took a little hiatus and then Triple H came in and kind of took over and he had no idea that they didn’t renew my contract, he had no idea. He just called me and was just like, ‘So what was the deal? Did you just want to leave?’ And I was just like, ‘Well, it wasn’t that, it was just I wasn’t of use, I guess anymore, and that was on their side.’” 

“I had that conversation with Hunter and he was really, really great. And he was like, you know, if you want to come back the doors open, you know, and it’s, he was really, really gracious and kind and he always has been,” Saraya concluded. She was a two-time and the youngest WWE Divas Champion and the inaugural NXT Women's Champion. 

However, in the Keepin' It 100 podcast, veteran wrestling star, Konnan recently said that the AEW star, Saraya has lost her relevance despite some initial excitement and buzz. He said: "Look at Saraya, When she first came in all the hoopla and the promos and now she almost seems insignificant. She just runs around the ring with a little spray can telling everybody they're losers and that's about it."

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