Royal Rumble: 4 WWE Superstars who could not last even 3 seconds

Fastest Royal Rumble eliminations: Check out the four WWE Superstars who hold the record for the Fastest exits in Royal Rumble history, only on

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World Wrestling Entertainment is set to enter into the road to WrestleMania with their first PLE. The 2024 Royal Rumble is creating a lot of buzz with the huge names that are in the match or rumoured to appear in the match. 


The main objective of the Royal Rumble is to see which wrestler can last the longest in the ring. Daniel Bryan holds the longest time in the ring when he was in the match for over 76 minutes in 2018. 

In this article, we cast a closer look at the top four WWE superstars who couldn’t last even three seconds in the Royal Rumble Match 

4- No Way Jose – 2.3 Seconds – Royal Rumble 2019



One of the biggest names to come out of NXT was none other than No Way Jose. Many felt he was destined for greatness in the main roster but that wasn’t to be. After a good start in the main roster, No Way Jose became a comedic act. During the 2019 Royal Rumble, the talented wrestler was eliminated in 2.3 seconds by Samoa Joe. This till today is one of the fastest eliminations in Royal Rumble history. 

3- Sheamus – 2.2 Seconds – Royal Rumble 2018



The Irish Grappler is known for his hard-hitting style and multiple title reigns. Royal Rumble 2018 though will not sit down well with Sheamus. Heath Slater eliminated Sheamus in just 2.2 seconds to record the fastest Royal Rumble eliminations. 

2- Warlord – 2 Seconds – Royal Rumble 1989 


During the early days of WWE the name Warlord was known for his brute force and dominance. This was the second-ever Royal Rumble event held as Big John Studd won the event. Warlord was eliminated by Hulk Hogan in just two seconds to record the second-fastest Royal Rumble exit. 

1- Santino Marella – 1.5 Seconds – Royal Rumble 2009


The name Santino Marella brings smiles to the faces of many WWE fans. The Italian could make anyone laugh with his antics in and outside the ring. It is what Santino did during the Royal Rumble 2009 that will stand the test of time. Kane sent Santino Marella over the top rope in just 1.5 seconds to record the fastest Royal Rumble elimination of all time. 

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