Roman Reigns to face The Rock instead of Cody Rhodes for undisputed Universal Championship

The Rock might replace the current Royal Rumble winner to face Tribal chief Roman Reigns in the upcoming WrestleMania main event. The fans will be excited on what the final outcome will be.

Sarah Andrew
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The Rock and Roman Reigns (Source - X)

There are interesting circumstances being created in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) universe, on who the Tribal chief Roman Reigns might be fighting in Wrestle Mania 40. Right now, it is the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes who is the favourite to go up against the head of the table. Many people thought it surely would be Cody to face after winning his second consecutive Royal Rumble. Rhodes had put up a great match in the previous event but still came short against Roman at the end of the main event of Wrestle Mania 39. 


Roman Reigns has been holding the title for 1,260 days making it the longest current championship reign. There has not been anybody who has stepped up to the bloodline and the tribal chief in the company. It is still a mystery on who will finally dethrone Roman Reigns and end his long-standing reign in the company. The stories and characters are getting interesting every day and we can’t wait to see what is in store for us in the upcoming Wrestle Mania where we are going to see some big titles on the line.

The Rock has started cooking

If anyone thought that it was clearly going to be Cody Rhodes who would be facing Roman Reigns in the main event, they are all in for a surprise as the 8-time WWE champion and 5-time Tag team champion the Rock has also arrived on the scene. The Rock had made it clear that he was aiming for the head of the table and was eager to be in line to compete against Roman. It was made even clearer in the kick-off of the WrestleMania XL the Rock did not want to take the fight against his cousin making it an Anoai family tradition. This also led to a legendary heel turn where the Rock ended up slapping Rhodes in the face as well.

The crowd really wanted to see Cody fight Roman Reigns again and finally finish his story, but it looks like he has to wait for a long time since it might be the Rock who is pulling the strings. It also might end with Rock and Roman Reigns who will be against the American Nightmare in the main event. This is certainly an interesting turn of events where anything can happen. This has really made the WrestleMania scene interesting where there is a possibility of a new Champion arriving on the day. Stay tuned for what will happen next going into this event.   

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