'I don't think he wants to fight anymore' - Dana White drops updates on WWE superstar's return to UFC

Dana White think Brock Lesnar will not make a comeback to Ultimate Fighting Championship. Here are the exact quotes from the President.

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Dana White drops update on Brock Lesnar

Dana White drops update on Brock Lesnar (Source: Twitter)

Dana White, president of the UFC, recently stated that he does not think Brock Lesnar, a former WWE champion, would be interested in taking on Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones. Although The Beast Incarnate is today a powerful force in the WWE, he was formerly one of the most feared fighters in the UFC. Although he has an MMA record of 5-3-0, he hasn't entered the octagon since 2016.


The possibility of Brock Lesnar making a comeback to the octagon was a question posed to the UFC president. Lesnar has amassed much wealth, according to White, who believes The Beast wouldn't want to engage in such activity at this stage of his career.

"Brock and I have a great relationship, and we always have, but I don't think Brock wants to fight anymore. Brock's made a lot of money. He came into the UFC and won the heavyweight title. He's got nothing left to prove. I don't think he'd want to do it," said Dana White.

Jon Jones challenged WWE star, Brock Lesnar 


Jon Jones, the heavyweight champion of the UFC, has said that Brock Lesnar is still an option. In a recent interview, Jones revealed that Brock Lesnar is his ideal opponent and that he still hopes to compete against the 45-year-old WWE Superstar in the UFC.

"I think fighting Brock Lesnar would have been really cool. Brock isn't the most technical guy, but he has a massive fanbase. He's a lot bigger than me, and it would have been one of those really cool David vs Goliath situations... I think we both would have done great things for our family and for our team financially; that would have been massive... Never say never. Brock, if you're out there," said Jon Jones.

Because of his impressive career accomplishments, Brock Lesnar might not be motivated to rejoin the UFC. Only time will tell if The Beast decides to quit WWE and compete in the octagon one last time before his career ends. At WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles, he will square off against The Nigerian Giant, Omos.

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