Here's the rumored storyline for Brock Lesnar following his loss to Cody Rhodes at WWE Backlash

Brock Lesnar lost to Rhodes in the WWE Backlash. However, a major spoiler has surfaced that reveals the future for the Beast Incarnate.

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Brock Lesnar, WWE

Brock Lesnar, WWE (Source: Twitter)

The conflict between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes is reported to be still very much alive. The bloodied Lesnar was defeated by Rhodes in the main event of Saturday's WWE Backlash Premium Live Event when he unexpectedly converted the Kimura Lock into a pin. The San Juan, Puerto Rico crowd gave Lesnar a standing ovation as Rhodes swiftly left to the back.


The American Nightmare rushed out of the ring and up the ramp to win by roll-up after getting caught in the Kimura Lock. The Puerto Rican crowd gave Lesnar a thunderous ovation as WWE Backlash came to a close, which forced him to depart from his usual persona.

Brock Lesnar observed the cheers that followed the performance. He smiled, a far cry from his freshly developed heel persona, as chants of "Thank you, Lesnar" and "Suplex City" echoed around the arena. The Beast Incarnate is seen grinning as he exits the ring in a video uploaded by Twitter user @WrestlingCovers from Backlash 2023.

Rumours say the WWE Triple Threat tournament will result in Lesnar vs Rhodes II


The American Nightmare and 11 other RAW and SmackDown Superstars were included in the World Heavyweight Title tournament announcement on Sunday. However, The Beast Incarnate was left out. According to a new source from WRKDWrestling, tonight's RAW will feature more of the Lesnar vs Rhodes battle.

The two Triple Threat tournament matches for tonight's RAW have not yet been announced by WWE, but Cody is set to compete in one of them, and rumour has it that Lesnar will then declare his intentions.

Although it hasn't been verified, there are rumours that tonight's RAW angle in the Triple Threat tournament will result in Lesnar vs Rhodes II at WWE Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, May 27. There may even be a stipulation involved.

Although free agent Lesnar's appearance on tonight's RAW from the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, has not yet been publicised, that does not mean he won't be there to make a surprise appearance.


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