Ex-WWE Star recalls getting into fight with Shane McMahon when he was called for

The match happened at a time when Shane McMahon did a lot of behind the scenes work in trademark WWE wrestling shows.

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Perry Saturn

Perry Saturn(Source: Twitter)

WWE as a sport has evolved over the years. There was an incident which happened in the 2000s that is remembered even today. Shane McMahon played a very active role in expanding the footprint of the sport. McMahon did a lot of supervision work for shows such as Sunday Night Heat and  Jakked. A competitor who used to come on and off on those programs, Vito DeNucci, recently talked about how Perry Saturn was cross with proceedings  and protested to McMahon about his booking.


Saturn was in red hot form as he got the better of DeNucci in a three-minute game on the January 5, 2002, episode of Jakked. Going back all those years, De Nucci's performances in the ring were being watched like a hawk after he purposefully hurt another opponent, who was Brian Gamble, in his previous encounter.

Perry was not a happy man: De Nucci

Reminiscing on the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast, DeNucci said he saw a heated argument unfold between McMahon and Saturn when the event was due to begin: "As we're walking in toward the locker rooms, I walk past, there's Perry and there's Shane McMahon, and they're off to the side having a very heated conversation. Perry was not a happy man. At that point, Shane was pretty heavily involved, if I'm not mistaken, with the syndicated shows, the stuff you saw on Sunday Night Heat (…) Put two and two together, Perry's not happy about his spot on the card, that kind of thing." He elaborated.

The match between DeNucci and Saturn had a lot of twists and turns in it. The game ended up unfolding very differently. Early on in the bout, DeNucci had to deal with a broken nose and also he picked up a concussion injury after Saturn beat him out cold to the mat with a  strong headbutt. These setbacks came in the form of  injuries which did not help him,  DeNucci felt like he was seeing stars in his eyes as he  missed a spot in the latter half of the contest