Edge to follow schedule like ‘The Undertaker’? Ex-WWE Official thinks so

Here is what the former WWE referee has said about Edge's future as he reportedly can join AEW in coming days

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Edge, WWE

Edge, WWE (Image Source: Twitter)

On 18 August 2023, Edge won his fight against Sheamus in SmackDown and then, he claimed that that would be the last time in front of his home crowd. Now, reports are there he could join AEW soon although WWE tried to convince him for a contract extension. So, fans are still wondering about Edge’s future. 


Now, an ex-WWE official or referee, Nick Patrick claimed that the Rated-R Superstar might follow The Undertaker by becoming a centre of attraction at WrestleMania. While speaking on his Monday Mailbag podcast, Patrick shared the potential move for the WWE superstar. He also discussed Edge's comeback in 2020.

“Edge can't do the road anymore.” - Nick Patrick

He said: “Everybody's talking about whether he's going to retire. I think he's going to be like The Undertaker. Edge can't do the road anymore. The road is for a young guy. It was a miracle how he made his comeback in 2020 after having neck surgery and the problems he had. Vince McMahon doesn't just pick and choose wrestlers working a part-time schedule. But he does it with Brock Lesnar but everybody else has to do road." Former WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz also shared his thoughts on Edge’s future. 

While speaking to Steve Fall of "Ten Count", he said: " certainly, in my opinion, doesn't have anything to look back on and go, 'Oh, if only I had done that. He's had a pretty full, amazing career over 25 years. He's going to be 50 in November. He's a husband and father. He has a budding acting career. Pretty much, he could do whatever he sets his mind to do at this point. So, I don't know. Physically, he came back. Everyone was astonished when he came back at the Royal Rumble a few years ago and didn't really miss a step, didn't miss a beat. And Christian is back, too, in AEW, and it's really astonishing and also heartwarming to see."

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