4 Rare videos of Roman Reigns when he was not a renowned face in WWE

The 37-year-old WWE superstar Roman Reigns is dominating the ring for the last decade with his amazing and excellent fighting skills. He has

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Roman Reigns

The 37-year-old WWE superstar Roman Reigns is dominating the ring for the last decade with his amazing and excellent fighting skills. He has stunned a lot of renowned wrestlers in the ring by winning numerous fights in the 12-year-long since his debut in the WWE back in 2010. He is currently the defending WWE Universal Champion.


Apart from this, Reigns has won the WrestleMania main event for six times after defeating some of the best superstars there in the ring. He started his official career in the WWE back in 2012 when he debuted as one of the members of The Shield. This team consisted of him, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins.

Apart from his illustrious career in the WWE, Reigns has been a part of various different fights on multiple occasions. So, here we’ll have a look at four rare videos of Roman Reigns before he was a brand in the WWE universe.

"It's Roman Reigns' time." When he made a statement in his debut appearance in the WWE


The Florida-based fighter has also started his career with an initial stint in NXT like many other Wrestlers before coming into the main arena of the WWE as a member of the Tag team The Shield. After the restructuring of FCW into NXT 10 years back in 2012, it was also the time of the beginning of the Roman Reigns when he made his first appearance in the ring.

He came up and marked his entry in the words: “It’s Roman Reigns’ time.” He was looking very confident and an attitude was reflected in his tone while he was saying this sentence. After spending 10 years in the ring, it seems like Roman has proven himself to the extent of his remarks during his debut appearance in the WWE.


Roman Reigns playing football

Roman Reigns was initially a footballer before coming into professional wrestling. His real name is Joe Anoa’i in and he went with the same when he used to play football. Canadian Football League’s team Edmonton Eskimos signed him 14 years back in 2008.

He could play only one season of CFL for his team before they released the latter. After being released from Eskimos, Anoa’i announced hung his boots from professional football and went on to start his career in the arena of sports entertainment. Here, he established himself as a global superstar and also earned a million die-hard fans.

“The Boss” title, was it Sasha Banks or Roman Reigns

It was the time when Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) was there in action. During that period of 2012, NXT was also a part of WWE despite being a different brand. Coming back to FCW, it featured a lot of current WWE superstars including the likes of Seth Rollins, Erick Rowans, Corey Garves, and Roman Reigns as well.

The superman punch hero always termed him as “The Boss” – the famous term that was earlier used for Sasha Banks. And with the years in the row, Roman has established himself as the prime face of the WWE due to which he can be called “The Boss.”

Roman Reigns fighting with Corey Garves in FCW

The 38-year-old former WWE superstar Corey Garves started his career in the ring 22 years back in the year 2000. He was also a part of the FCW when he used to fight with the wrestlers including Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Currently, Garves is serving as the commentator in the WWE universe and is also very popular among the fans.

Here, in this video, Roman Reigns can be seen one on one with Garves in FCW, the video has been uploaded on the official YouTube channel of WWE. Although, it contains a very small part of the match between two renowned WWE superstars.