Allan Donald to not continue as Bangladesh's coach after ODI World Cup

Cricket: Allan Donald is set to resign from his post of Bangladesh's bowling coach after the tournament. An official from Bangladesh cricket board confirmed the same.

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Allan Donald

Allan Donald.

Allan Donald is set to resign his post as Bangladesh's bowling coach after the ODI World Cup 2023. The former South African pacer confirmed the same and said that he is ready to give an explanation for his decision when asked by the officials. Some of the officials from the Bangladesh Cricket Board confirmed that Donald has decided to make a move from Bangladesh cricket. 


"Yes, he( Donald) informed us that he will not carry on with us after this World Cup during the team meeting," said an official from Bangladesh. Sources say that the former South African cricketer had made this decision even before the campaign of Bangladesh in the ongoing ODI World Cup. As Bangladesh is out of the tournament, Donald has made his decision official. 

It is interesting to note that Bangladesh asked Donald to continue as their bowling coach after the 2022 T20 World Cup. The initial contract of Donald with the Bangladesh board was till 2022. But even after the contract ended, Donald continued as per the request of Bangladesh. The contract got extended till the ODI World Cup 2023. After this World Cup, Donald is unlikely to extend his contract with Bangladesh. 

'That's all ok with me if they seek an explanation' - Allan Donald


As the reports of Donald ending his contract came out, Donald was asked about his decision. The former World Number 1 confirmed that he would not continue with Bangladesh. 'The White Lightening' said that he is ready to explain things to the board if they wish to seek from him. Donald said that he has already given his reasons for not wishing to continue with Bangladesh. 

"That's all ok with me if they (BCB) seek an explanation. As far as I am concerned the explanation was in the news today," said Donald when asked about his future with Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Bangladesh will not just be looking out for a bowling coach but will be hoping to end their World Cup campaign on a high. A win or lesser margin loss against Australia in their last group stage match might help them to qualify for the Champions Trophy 2025. 

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