'20cr ka aisa badla math le bhai..'- Fans react to Pat Cummins' reply to a fan on social media

Pat Cummins gave an epic reply to a fan on social media which has gone viral. Seems like normal Aussie-friendly banter shared by the 2023 World Cup-winning skipper.

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The Australian team is currently in a role with winning two major trophies last season. The World Test Championship title and the ODI World Cup were the icing on the cake. Once again, we are seeing the Aussies dominate the game of cricket once again. The captain at the helm of affairs in those big tournaments is Pat Cummins. Cummins, who had already established himself as one of the premium fast bowlers for the Australian side has also had a successful stint as a skipper so far. It is always tough for a pacer to become a captain of the side because of the workload management issues. However, Pat Cummins exceeded the expectations and has only become the second Aussie skipper to win 2 or more major trophies.


Apart from his success as a leader, Cummins has not faded away with his performances as well as he also went on to win the Player of the Year for the 2023 season. Cummins has already taken more than 450 wickets in international cricket and has also given some great performances in the last two seasons. What makes him one of the best bowlers is his ability to generate movement with the old and new ball. Cummins shows brilliant performance as a batter and takes wickets consistently. His height of 6ft 3 inches gives him the extra bounce to cramp up the batters as well.

Cummins's viral reply to Indian fan

The Aussie skipper has been at his best on social media as well. Apart from being one of the most popular cricketers in Australia Cummins also became a husband and a father after marrying his girlfriend Becky Boston two years ago. The couple had posted a picture of themselves on a surfing trip which as usual was seen by all the fans. There was one such fan named Farhan Khan on Instagram who made a comment stating, β€œI am Indian, I love you your wife”. When most of the fans thought that this might be ignored, Cummins surprisingly replied that he will pass it on to her as well.


This really got some hilarious and somewhat awkward reactions from the fans, who did not know what to make out of this situation. We could say that it was just The Aussie pacer having fun with his fans or just an innocent reply who did not understand the comment. However, it seems like Cummins has taken this as a friendly joke from a fan. This proves that Pat might be one of the most dangerous bowlers on the field, but he is still one of the most respectful and kindest people off the field. There might be some fans who will make negative speculations on this reply, but in the end, it seems like just friendly banter from the Aussie captain.

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