‘We knew Venus and Serena were going to be successful’ : Isha Price, elder sister of tennis stars

Venus and Serena are two of the biggest names in tennis history

Serena Williams
Serena Williams ( Image Credit: Twitter)

When it comes to siblings who have dominated a sport, Venus Williams and Serena Williams’ names will be right up there. Isha Price, elder sister of Venus and Serena recently spoke about her sisters and their love for the sport. Isha revealed that the family members were certain that Venus and Serena are going to be very successful.

“Us older girls knew that Venus and Serena were going to be successful from when they were nine or 10, because they really enjoyed it so much,” Isha Price said to Telegraph. “We just believed it would happen, even though tennis wasn’t a part of the community we grew up in.”

Isha further revealed that they used to live in an area that was prone to violence yet the two sisters never got distracted. She revealed that their father used to encourage them to focus on playing tennis and not get disturbed by the surroundings.

“There were times [in Compton] when people would drive by and we would hear shooting and just hit the ground,” Isha Price continued. “But my dad said that if you can play tennis with gunshots going on in the background, it won’t matter if someone shouts out in the crowd. To him, everything was a lesson. ‘Just tune it all out,’ he would say.”

Earlier, Venus Williams had revealed how the family wanted her and Serena to be champions. “My mom and dad, they wanted us to be able to handle whatever life came at us,” said Venus Williams. “So the way we approached tennis was also how we approached life.

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