US Open 2023: Novak Djokovic set to face Daniil Medvedev in finals to clinch 24th Grand Slam title

In the finals, Novak Djokovic will face Daniil Medvedev on Monday 11 September at 1:30 AM IST eyeing his 24th grandslam title

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Novak Djokovic-Daniil Medvedev

Novak Djokovic-Daniil Medvedev (Source: Twitter)

As the US Open reaches to the business end, fans are set to witness another fierce finale. In the finals, Novak Djokovic will face Daniil Medvedev on Monday 11 September at 1:30 AM IST. This will be a crucial match for Djokovic as he might win his fourth US Open title and record 24th Grandslam in his career.


Playing his 100th match in the US Open during the semifinals, Djokovic beat American star Ben Shelton by 6-3, 6-2 and 7-6. It's worth noting that Medvedev beat Carlos Alcaraz in another semifinal game which came as a shock for many. His amazing performance in the Semifinals once again cast Medvedev vs. Djokovic after the 2021 tournament. It's worth noting that Djokovic has won nine matches against Medvedev.

Speaking about his possible 24th Grandslam title, Djokovic said, "I was very close to the 24th title in London. I don't allow myself to reflect on these things, because when I did that in the past, like the '21 finals here, I was maybe overwhelmed by the occasion and I underperformed." "I'll try to focus on what needs to be done and prepare myself for that match."

"I am not surprised", says Novak Djokovic over his 26 wins record


Speaking about his 26 wins record in a calendar year Djokovic said that he is not really surprised. He also spoke about his age and fitness. He said, "It probably sounds cocky or arrogant, but I'm not really surprised. I know how much work and energy I put into trying to be in this position, I deserve this. I believe in myself, in my skills, in my quality as a tennis player to be able to deliver when it matters."

"Age is just a number, that phrase is resonating in me at the moment," he said. "I don't want to even consider leaving tennis or thinking about an end if I'm still at the top of the game. I will probably consider doing that if I get my a@%# kicked by young guys in Grand Slams in the early stages. So far, I still feel that I'm in the game", he further added

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